Structural Biology


Roger Kornberg

  1. Kornberg RD, "The molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription." Proc Natl  Acad Sci US A 2007; 104: 32: 12955-61.
  2. Kornberg R, "The Molecular Basis of Eukaryotic Transcription (Nobel Lecture)." Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2007

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Michael Levitt

  1. Weiss DR, Raschke TM, Levitt M "How Hydrophobic Buckminsterfullerene Affects Surrounding Water Structure." J Phys Chem B 2008.
  2. Levitt M, "Growth of novel protein structural data." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2007; 104: 9: 3183-8.

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Peter Parham

  1. Draghi M, Pashine A, Sanjanwala B, Gendzekhadze K, Cantoni C, Cosman D, Moretta A, Valiante NM, Parham P "NKp46 and NKG2D Recognition of Infected Dendritic Cells Is Necessary for NK Cell Activation in the Human Response to Influenza Infection." J Immunol 2007; 178: 5: 2688-98.
  2. Abi-Rached L, Dorighi K, Norman PJ, Yawata M, Parham P "Episodes of Natural Selection Shaped the Interactions of IgA-Fc with Fc{alpha}RI and Bacterial Decoy Proteins." J Immunol 2007; 178: 12: 7943-54.

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William Weis

  1. Hattendorf DA, Andreeva A, Gangar A, Brennwald PJ, Weis WI "Structure of the yeast polarity protein Sro7 reveals a SNARE regulatory mechanism." Nature 2007; 446: 7135: 567-71.
  2. Feinberg H, Taylor ME, Weis WI "Scavenger receptor C-type lectin binds to the leukocyte cell surface glycan Lewis x by a novel mechanism." J Biol Chem 2007.

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Theodore Jardetzky

  1. Lamb RA, Jardetzky TS "Structural basis of viral invasion: lessons from paramyxovirus F." Curr Opin Struct Biol 2007; 17: 4: 427-36.
  2. Lamb RA, Paterson RG, Jardetzky TS "Paramyxovirus membrane fusion: lessons from the F and HN atomic structures." Virology 2006; 344: 1: 30-7.

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