Structural Biology

Graduate Program

Graduate students in Structural Biology design their individual course program with a combination of specialized courses and core advanced courses in structural biology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology to meet their educational goals. The graduate program strongly emphasizes hands-on research training.

The various Biosciences programs host regular seminars featuring guest lecturers from leading biosciences programs throughout the world. Students also participate in an annual retreat which features research presentations by each group in the department.

Graduate Students

Student Advisor
Colbert, Karen Bill Weis Lab
Dickinson, Dan Bill Weis Lab
Eagen, Kyle Roger Kornberg Lab
Kim, Beomkyu Ted Jardetzky Lab
Kornberg, Guy Jody Puglisi Lab
Matsuura, Hisae Ted Jardetzky Lab
Moreno, Sergio Michael Levitt Lab
Sim, Adelene Michael Levitt Lab
Stamos, Jenny Bill Weis Lab
Tsai, Albert Jody Puglisi Lab

Participating Graduate Students in the
Biophysics Interdisciplinary Program

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